We will break up, take up these forgotten names.

arts by _2blocksdown & xechelonx

our promises are inked
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Art community of xechelonx & _2blocksdown

ro, righ?

ro. 22 years old. female. german. quite not sure about her zodiac sign. dyed hair. cyan eyes. small. pierced. huge tattoo-fan. in love with her music. echelon. lazy. shy. creative. slashfan. friendly. photoshop-slave. diplomatic. quite jealous from time to time.

frank iero. my chemical romance. 30 seconds to mars. mindless self indulgence. lynz. supernatural. gossip girl. horror movies.

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here you'll find the graphics made by 2 small grown girls from germany. feel free to join the community if you like what you see.

o1.Comments and feedback are very appreciate.
o2. If you want to use any graphics (on LJ or wherever) credit their respective maker. All graphics are named, so it's easier for you.
o3. Don't repost any of our stuff and/or claim it as your own.
o4. Don't edit/change our stuff without permission.
o5. Don't hotlink.

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it's ceylone.

ceylone. 19 years old. female. german. a stubborn capricorn. brunette. brown eyed. music-addicted. a god damned photoshop-whore. small. shy. funny. crazy. creative. musical. lazy as hell. cheeky. pale. passionate. kind of cruel sometimes.

paramore. movies. olivia wilde. glee. skins. dollhouse. eliza dushku. castle. missy peregrym.

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